Lindsey decided to name this single “Crystallize” due to the  research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, which demonstrated how water was impacted by spoken words, emotion, and intention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8.  His point?  If words/intention can impact water this way, and we ourselves are 70% water, how do you think those same words affect us?  Lindsey believes that music has the ability to impact and even change people as well–for better or for worse.  See for yourselves.


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Grest Song!

Lindsey makes the best music genre mix ever!!


This just touched my soul loved the music


I Love This

It's Simply Amazing.

Nothing more I can say other than this music is unbelievable.

Pleasant Surprise

I was Originally looking for some heavier dubstep when i found this song. I thought it was a great find, the beat was catchy and the violin added spunk. This one has a permanent place on my playlist.

very beautefull music

beauteful music and ice landscape, good mix, congratulation for lindsey

I love it

amazing best violin dubstep ever

An auditory treat!

Lindsey's mix of classical sound and modern digital basslines blend together seamlessly to create the silky fabric of an auditory masterpiece. Clean tones, low sawtooth like distortion and a perfectly scaling violin are well balanced and very smooth for the mind to enjoy. Well done, Lindsey.