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"Elements" is Lindsey's second debstep-themed single, featuring four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind.  If you liked "Crystallize," you are going to love this!


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Love it

I enjoy the music tremendously but this one is my 12 year old son’s favorite. As a figure skater, it is the music that makes him move with more heart during practices.

This is my 1st time to buy something

So this is my very 1st time to buy something; and i'm glad it's a song made by u. i just fell in love with all these emotions in the song.. just wow. thank you for living ^^

What a beast!

Favourite one, just do it.

Lindsey Love

Hi lindsey! I love your music, especially this one! My only problem is that you can't sell the Lord of the Rings Medley, that one is so amazing also... Anyway, I love the feel of Elements! It has gotten me hooked on Dubstep, and makes me want to persue my own dreams of being like you!I have been spreading the Lindseylove alot lately,

Very nice music!

Very beautiful graceful violin music, is there a version without the dubstep bits? some sort of chill out mix ща this single


Like all of her music this single is sublime. I got hooked on lindsey thanks to the piano guys (gotta love youtube). Now I am a huge fan and I own all of her singles. Her music has become the soundtrack of my life.

Love it

Lots of energy coming from this one and the music video is great. A job well done.

More Brilliance from the Master

This one almost sounds like it could be piggybacked with Crystallize. It's high energy with occasional moments of reflection, like a sonic struggle in a vast landscape. I'd love more music like this! The video is fantastic, but Lindsey's behind the scenes about the making of the video is even more jaw dropping...such creativity!