Lindsey believes that we must challenge the shadows in our lives, whatever they may be, and look forward to the future.  This single is one of Lindsey's personal favorites.   


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Lindsey Stirling - Shadows

mp3 file is very good quality. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Love it

I remember listening to this song years ago and falling in love with it. I recently found it again and decided to buy it. Great sound, high quality, absolutely love this song.

A masterpiece !

Shadows is a very nice electro-pop violin tune. I also purchased the violin sheet music and I love it. Thank you Lindsey, for making violin repertoire even more rich and fun ! And now, what I would really wish for is... An official backing track of Shadows :) *hope*

Amazing. love it

Most played artist on my playlist. Love her music. Beautiful and relaxing.

Very Good Music but...

Why 160kbps ? :/ It sucks ! Your music should be in 320k !!!!

One of my favorites

One of my favorite songs next to Crystallize. I usually listen to it when coming home from work.