"Silent Night" has always been Lindsey’s favorite Christmas song.  In her own words:

“It reminds me to slow down and remember what the holiday season is all about. In the simplest, and humblest of circumstances, God gave his son to this world.  Let’s take a chance to serve those around us this season”.


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To sit and listen to the pure sounds of Lindsey's violin brings out the true meaning of this rendition of a timeless classic.

This song is essentially all my emotions put to music

Over the past several years, I've made this my very first christmas song of the year. Its such a beautiful and powerful rendition, so much so, that no other version sounds the same to me anymore. This is literally musical perfection.

Nice Christmas song

I dont feel that this is as unique as many of your other songs, but it is still very beautiful. The vocals are very peaceful and also adds a sense of mystery to the song. As usual, the violin is expertly handled and the two work very well together. This is a very calm and peaceful song, it works very good at holidays but it is not among my favorites for everyday listening. Also, the bitrate is a bit low (pun intended).

Wonderful version

Just love this version. Can listen to it over and over and never get tired.

Beautiful song!

It's just perfect.

Lovely song, heavy vocals to begin

Starts with a very untraditional sound of vocals. Different step for Lindsey Stirling. Very calming and lovely. Also, many tracks seem to be poorly tagged MP3s, but I love all her music, so I'll tag it myself, but it is a minor annoyance.

Silent Night review

Loved it :)

Beautiful song, but a poor quality MP3 file

Another beautiful song by Lindsey! It's very relaxing to listen to and definitely gets me in the holiday spirit. It brings back good memories from previous Christmases. :) On the other hand, I should let people know ahead of time, before they purchase this particular MP3 file, that this MP3 has a bitrate of ~128 kbps, yes 128 kbps. I was at least expecting a more standard 256 kbps MP3 file. I was listening to this song on the bus today and I had to stare at my portable media player's screen because I was wondering why the song sounded so limited in dynamic range, unclear/muffled, or harsh at times. Much to my disbelief, the song was going at a 128 kbps bitrate which definitely explains the harsh sounds and unclear audio I was hearing. If you can't tell, I am an audiophile, so these types of things are very evident to my ears. Disappointing, but what can you do? There's no iTunes equivalent of this song, so for right now, you guys are stuck paying $1.29 for a low-quality version of the song.