"Silent Night" has always been Lindsey’s favorite Christmas song.  In her own words:

“It reminds me to slow down and remember what the holiday season is all about. In the simplest, and humblest of circumstances, God gave his son to this world.  Let’s take a chance to serve those around us this season”.


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Beauty in its finest form

Wow, just wow.. I'm blown away by how beautiful this rendition really is. Perfect balance between her violin and her subtle vocals.. I could listen to this wonderful piece for hours.

Doesn't disappoint

Hope Lindsey makes an ENTIRE Christmas album!

Holiday song I can listen to!

I've never been much for holiday songs....I suppose we all grow up in different ways and have different experiences that define us. That being said, I can't have enough of your rendition of this one, or any project you undertake. At 35 years old, you're one of the tiny handful that's inspired me to try something new and picked up the violin...its only been a week but I love it. Thanks Lindsey, you're a gift to us all.

Not Much of a Christmas Person...

...but Lindsey Stirling giving us her rendition of a Christmas classic may just get me to put up my tree early this year. I could simply lay by the fire in a cozy blanket and listen to this song over and over all night this winter - she plays this song so beautifully I cannot imagine it performed any other way.

Excellent take on a classic!

Great take of the classic. Just a though...would be great if Lindsey does a Christmas album!! Some originals mixed with the classics. Would be awesome!

Beautiful rendition of a wonderful song

This is a lovely performance of a beautiful song; soft vocal background, no lyrics, and Lindsey Stirling's violin - and it's not on her new CD. The song itself holds much meaning for many of us, as it was written as an interpretation of the environment surrounding the birth of our Lord. This recording is a little different than many of Lindsey's, in that it doesn't build upon electronic or techno tracks, and its soft quiet tone reveals a serious and introspective artist. We got to see her do something similar in Washington DC during her recent tour. Among her more dazzling dance routines, she sat down on a stool on a darkened stage, with only a single spotlight on her as she played "River Flows in You" with a single harp, or maybe a keyboard, track for background. Although I have numerous recordings of "Silent Night" by various artists and choirs, none are quite as enjoyable as this one. That may be in part because I've heard them all many times before, but it probably has more to do with Lindsey's talented performance and her ability to bring listeners along with her on her musical journey.

song for the holidays

This is a great song for the holidays and a good choice for anyones collection.

Wonderful version!

An amazing performance by an extremely gift musician! Thank you for playing one of my favorite Christmas songs :)