When Lindsey wrote “Spontaneous Me” she wanted to share with others the importance of loving yourself for who you are.  Lindsey is rather quirky herself...and can be extremely spontaneous!   This single was also Lindsey's first professionally-filmed music video and her first collaboration with Devin Graham (devinsupertramp=YouTube channel)  


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Good one!

It was a really good peace of work. That's why I bought it than download it from web.

It's Simply Amazing

Nothing more I can say other than this music is unbelievable.

Lindsey's Quintessential Piece

I was originally drawn to Lindsey from a review show which spotlighted her and her work. Of the music involved, several tracks were mentioned, including this one. This one, the first track I listened to all the way through, was the very track that spurred me to buy Lindsey's work. Beautiful violin work mixes with an amazing beat, creating a combination that is rarely used, and never before used so beautifully. A fusion of sounds in a way that only Lindsey Stirling can pull off.

Another winner.

Another great song from Lindsey. Here's hoping she keeps 'em coming.