*This is Violin sheet music. 

Violin Solo, duet, Piano Accompaniment, Simplified Solo, KARAOKE Play-Along Track, and Piano Play-Along Track Included.



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Missing some bass in backtrack but otherwise fantastic sheets!

The sheet music is wonderful and comes with many different versions and parts so that you can play it as you like. Lindsey and her team always put so much into these products, which makes their generosity and thoughtfulness show. The only real issues I have with the backtrack is that it's missing some bass around measures 9 and 77, making it sound different from the official audio. Other than that, it's great.


I love this piece, and how the noes are written, allowing the player to turn the pages during rests, but the karaoke track is not as good as the one used on the actual song. I still love it, though.


As one of my favorite songs, I felt the need to purchase it. It comes with everything you need to play it: violin duet, solo, piano accompaniment, and both the electro and piano back tracks. This piece is simply perfect!

Harder than I Expected

This is one of my favorite musics by Lindsey, and is also one of the most difficult. The sheet music is very detailed so that I can can play just like Lindsey. The product is also very complete. There are 4 sheet music .pdfs (duet, 1st Violin, 2nd Violin & the piano accompaniment) and 2 Karaoke parts (dubstep & piano). I highly recommend. It's an excellent product. Don't be afraid to buy it :)


The sheet music and karaoke is almost as incredible as Lindsey is. This is technically a duet, but still sounds pretty epic if you want to play by yourself.

I dont have words to describe it

One of my favorites songs and you can dance to the backtrack as well. Awesome!

Absolutely Amazing

This is a DUET. I am 14 years old, and have been playing the violin for 7 years. It is so much fun to play, and the background kareoke, and even piano part, is AMAZING. Please take $9.00 out of your budget or allowence or money, and please, GET THIS SHEET MUSIC. And in case any one is wondering, yes, there are the vocals. Thank you Jennifer, Lindsey, and everyone else!

Very good

Aside from the fact that the music is a little above my level, it is very accurate, and good to finally have. Awesome! Highly recommend it.