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"Stars Align" employs the use of multiple violins, creating a layer of sound that will astound even the most cynical critic.  This masterpiece is out of this world!


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Best Site on internet

I just love this Music is one of my favorites !!!! well as always this site is awesome an belive I consider it safer than Itunes . Well if you plan to buy it , don't lose your time it's safe =D

Beautiful Blend of many styles

Got this song from itunes, i am not usually a fan of this type of thing, but everything was blended so well, i thoroughly enjoyed it. Great beat and i have now played it in the car with friends and now they want it! 9/10. Will be buying more songs for sure!

Sounds Like a Folk Dance Tune

Combined with hip hop, that is! I love the background vocals. Seriously, where does Lindsey get such creativity!