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One of Christmas's most beloved songs...you will love Lindsey's version of this timeless classic!


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No Words Required

Lindsey's rendition of this song is by far my favorite.

Absolutely wonderful

Lindsey has captured the soul of this Christmas carol classic and made it into an absolutely wonderful rendition to own!

Perfect Instrumental!

I used this music as background for a Christmas power-point. Lindsey is so talented. I absolutely love this piece.

What Child Is This:

This is, by far, the most amazing rendition of What-Child-Is-This I have ever heard. I wish she would put out a CD of Christmas music. I thank Lindsey Stirling so much for sharing her incredible talent with us all. The only problem I have is that her music is so difficult to buy... I wish her only the best; she has earned it.

Superb redition of great old tradition Christmas Song

I have enjoyed this arrangement of "What Child Is This" since first discovering Lindsey's music. I also purchased the back track version of the sheet music. I only wish I had the ability to play it a fraction as well as she does. I'll keep trying, but in the mean time, I'll just keep enjoying her version. Thanks for the addition to my holiday listening enjoyment

Very beautiful

From the very start, this is a beautiful piece. It is not as calm as Silent Night, and it is not as full of spirit or as speedy as Celtic Carol. The tones are grand and inspirational, and i find my mind wandering deeper and deeper with every new direction the music takes. Way to go Lindsey & co!

Makes you want more

I hope Lindsey does more holiday music. I never get tired of her music.

What child is in Lindsey?

Lindsey's music expresses a sense of "child's purity". This can be seen within the variety of styles she can play. What child is this shows the artistic ability and knowledge of Lindsey showing her ability in classic tunes in the same way she shows her abilities within modern trends' tunes.... I am really excited with her music and I feel lucky for listening to her music since in Greece she is not really famous yet. I also think her videos are even better