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One of Christmas's most beloved songs...you will love Lindsey's version of this timeless classic!


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one of her best covers

I think that this single is one of Lindsey's best covers. "What Child is This" is my favorite cover because you are able to just focus on how smoothly and beautifully she plays the violin. It is a calming song that just relaxes you when you are having a bad day.

A Classic Reborn

Lindsey really outdoes herself with this rendition of "What Child Is This". Already one of the most recognizable and evocative Christmas classics, Lindsey gives new life to this song with the haunting sounds of her violin. Debi Johansen's soulful piano work here is the perfect counter-point. This is, quite frankly, one of the most beautiful versions of this song I've ever heard, and I would recommend this to anyone looking to add some holiday magic to their playlist.

A Christmas Favorite

I love this version without reservation! Absolutely gorgeous. I love the accompaniment that the piano provides, and Lindsey on the violin is pure magic!

Onr of the Very Best Renditions

Fantastic production. Wonderful blending of piano and violin.


What a wonderful rendition!

Best Christmas cover around

This and my chemical romance's cover of "All I Want For Christmas is You" are my favorite covers for Christmas and I think this is number 1! You're amazing!


It's a fantastic song for anytime of the year, just awesome!


It's nice to hear some more stripped back violin music too, <3 this music