*This is Violin sheet music.

Duet = 2 Violins + Piano Accompaniment




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AMAZING! Just Amazing!

I really wanted to learn this with my sister after watching it, and now we have the chance. Sheet music is usually harder to find, but thank goodness that Lindsey had this available. It's incredibly beautiful and I LOVE LEGEND OF ZELDA (So does my sister). This is Amazing, and I can't wait to learn it. You are such an inspiration Lindsey and I'm glad to help out! :D THANK YOU.

So good!

I love this arrangement! I bought it as a gift for my friend and it sounds so good. I would definitely recommend it!

Goog, very good

"Zelda" is very airy, light and pleasant melody! But I had problem during long time - I can't found a second violin!))

Simple yet challenging

I love Lindsey's arrangement of this medley. I bought this so I could learn the duet with my friend and we are having slight difficulties playing it, but that's what I like about a piece. It gives a challenge. Sight-reading a very easy piece would be rather boring. Although somewhat difficult, it's not impossible to play. I think it's pretty simple, once you learn it. The music is very energetic which is what makes it a lot more fun to play. It's an amazing piece and I like how there's a piano accompaniment. The price is also reasonable for 3 parts and I'm very happy to support Lindsey. Overall, a great purchase! To people who are interested in buying the sheet music, I recommend you should! :)

fantatic moods

Great music for myself and my students! Challenging, but attainable, as well as being familiar. So very enjoyable!!!

Great for kids learning to love violin

I bought this sheet music at my daughters request. She's 11 and will play it with a friend at her school. The best thing is that it's available and by someone so inspiring. Try finding sheet music for a young player by Bond and you'll know what I mean. The music came with both parts together and separate and also came with a piano accompianment. It was more than we expected. Download it quick. If you lose it and come back a month later you will have to repurchase. We saw Lindsey just recently in Columbus, Ohio. She was super nice to her fans. We are glad to support her by purchasing her music.