Every video enthusiast loves The Legend of Zelda.  Before the up-and-coming release of Skyward Sword, Lindsey collaborated with Devin Graham (devinsupertramp=YouTube channel) to create this epic masterpiece.  Lindsey wrote and arranged both violin parts and the orchestral backing was produced by Stephen Anderson.  Although "Zelda Medley" took several months to complete and hours of donated service from friends and collegues, the effort paid off when it won the hearts of gamers all over the world.

Lindsey stated, “By giving of our passions, we all benefit from it and come out better. If only the whole world could run on such a concept”.


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The best!

I don't usually go for remixes of game themes, preferring the original, but Lindsey really made something of her own here which also did credit to the original. This should be on Amazon along with her main albums.

Love the medley!

I love all of Lindsey's game theme covers, and Zelda is one of the best. The true test of quality is my husband. He is incredibly picky about his music, and this is literally the only version of the Gerudo valley theme he will listen to besides the original. A worthy tribute to an amazing soundtrack, and the music video is just as awesome!

awesome song...

I love the song; it's very pleasant to the ears; just wish I could get the music video also!


This song is great!! It's Lindsey Stirling and The Legend of Zelda combined. 10/10

Excellent cover

Great material, superb arrangements, love the song.

Love it!

Yep, that's about it. It's really good!


I'm a huge Lindsey fan and a big Legend of Zelda fan too. This song is the best of both worlds. Definitely worth the money.

Very Good Zelda Medley

Love Lindsey. She is amazing. I just wish this version included the dark world theme from Legend of Zelda a link to the past. I know there is a lit to choose out there. Maybe she can make another medley with some dark world music and skyward sword. I would definitely love another Zelda medley.