Every video enthusiast loves The Legend of Zelda.  Before the up-and-coming release of Skyward Sword, Lindsey collaborated with Devin Graham (devinsupertramp=YouTube channel) to create this epic masterpiece.  Lindsey wrote and arranged both violin parts and the orchestral backing was produced by Stephen Anderson.  Although "Zelda Medley" took several months to complete and hours of donated service from friends and collegues, the effort paid off when it won the hearts of gamers all over the world.

Lindsey stated, “By giving of our passions, we all benefit from it and come out better. If only the whole world could run on such a concept”.


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Super score!

love Zelda and Ms. Stirling.

Incredible beyond words

I've heard many Zelda medleys on various instruments, but none at this level of quality. Not even remotely close.

Lindsey Stirling + Zelda = sounds from Heaven

This is a best of both worlds song right here. I love Love LOVE it!

Great Zelda medley by a Great artist!

I really like Zelda, and Lindsey has made this beautiful medley, I can't stop listening to it.


This violin version is absolutely amazing! One of the best songs of Lindsey.


Lindsey Stirling AND my favorite Zelda series music, I just died and went to fanboy heaven. Utterly beautiful and extraordinarily well played, even people who have no idea what Zelda is will love it!


You have such grace an energy that you bring to this classic. My wife is a huge Zelda fan and hearing this track makes her day as much as it makes mine.

Great interpretation

I enjoy this song so much. I've converted it into a ringtone for my phone. Makes me smile now whenever my phone rings.