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Lindsey wanted this single to capture her life's journey.  "At the age of five I started begging my parents for lessons," she says.  A tight family budget made it difficult to afford lessons.  However, Lindsey's mother was able to find ONE teacher who was willing to teach Lindsey for fifteen minutes a week.  Lindsey's involvement with music and the violin led her to various experiences she never would have met otherwise.   "Zi-Zi's Journey" is filled with feelings of gratitude for the past and hope for the future.


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Instantly fell in love with this song. It brings to mind a scene from Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger style games.

Love it

Loved it when I heard it on Dubstep.net, love it here.

I love your song!

Hello Lindsey ! I from vietnames , but i like all your song! and love you. All your song very good. Hopefully you soon country visit vietnam. I speak English not good , but i love you. Good luck.

Lindsey at Her Best

I really like this song! I'd love to see Lindsey dancing to it. The background vocals are hypnotic.