*This is Violin sheet music. 

Violin Solo, KARAOKE Play-Along Tracks, Simplified Solo, Piano Accompaniment, and Piano Accompaniment Play-Along Track Included.


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LOVE, Love this product!!!

Awesome! I bought this for my 10 year old, who has been playing violin for two years and she loves Linsey Stirling's music. I really liked that there is a range of difficulty provided in the sheet music package, as the original song is quite fast. The backing tracks are beautiful but a bit fast for my daughter to play along with at the moment. I'm not sure if it's possible to have slow, medium, and fast (normal) paced backing track music. I am super happy with this product. Thank you!

Great product

I'm in love with Lindsey songs! Great sheet music and soundtrack. Plus it comes with a piano version; very complete!

Between Twilight Sheet Music

When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. Thank you so much, Lindsey, for sharing your music with us and letting us have fun with it!!! It really means a lot to have quality, affordable, accessible music like this to play that I actually enjoy. For anyone considering buying music from this site: it's well worth the purchase!

Sheet music

This review is a general review of Lindsey Stirlings sheet music. First I'm going to say I love, love, love Lindsey Stirling music. You and your team are the best! Best violin solos on the planet - hands down. I know some criticize for not bring traditional - but bless you for being different! I love classical, but I don't enjoy playing it as much as Stirling style. You've blessed my life and made me enjoy playing and performing more than I ever have and for years now. Second, I want you guys to continue to succeed so I'm going to give some feedback. I would love if the piano accompaniments were only 3 lines of piano music per sheet, my accompanist has commented many times that her eyes wig out when there are 4 lines per page. Also, since I suck at memorization, when at all possible (and it's not always possible) I do prefer the violin page to be shoved into 3 pages total - I've bought sooo much of your music and many are on 3 pages - thank you, but some aren't (specifically Les Miserable (it's 3 but a page turn), Phantom, Beauty and Beast etc there's a bunch - not just the ones in books). I'm ocd about my music but no time for page turns. I've had to do many hours of entering in the music into finale after purchasing. Just to make it fit on 3. (Okay take or leave that request - I realize I'm ocd with my music details). Overall I can't complain - the music is soo amazing. As for karaoke accompaniments - I love those as well. Way more fun to play with.

In love with this song !

I am delighted to have finally bought this sheet music ! This song is amazing and i can’t wait to learn how to play it !

Good karaoke tracks

I didn't expect them to start working on the new, improved, karaoke tracks for "Between Twilight". It sounds more sonorous(especially the" background " piano), the bass is great, and also this "psshhhhhp" effect (I don't know how else to describe it). Daniel(this is the person who works on karaoke-tracks for this site), I see your progress with creating backing tracks. You're good!

Between twilight

Super musique comme toujours !!! Ma fille travaille dure pour etre au top et rendre fiere son idole !!!! Great music as always !!! My daughter works hard to be on top and make her idol proud !!!!

Between Twilight - high quality as always

Honestly, I'm not sure what to say that hasn't already been said on other products. I have never had anything but the best service from this site. Lindsey's sister, Jennifer is a joy to work with and has always responded promptly when I have needed assistance. The sheet music is absolutely wonderful as always. This is the perfect piece for someone at my level - I play for my own benefit and entertainment, so I struggle with her more difficult pieces, but I always enjoy the challenge. As always, though, the simplified version is provided, so this really is perfect for almost any skill level.