At Lindseystomp Music, we take pride in our high quality sheet music!  While we do not provide immediately-downloadable sheet music for every instrument, we are willing to transpose Lindsey's sheet music to any key; for any instrument.  If you are interested in this service, please follow the steps below:

1) Purchase your selection for violin HERE 

2) Forward your receipt to contactlindseystirling@yahoo.com and request that the music be transposed for your instrument.  You may also request the key/interval you want the sheet music transposed.

3) We will email you the customized files.

Please note that We ARE NOT able to transpose Lindsey's karaoke backtracks, BUT you can transpose them yourself using this FREE APP. We CAN, however, transpose the piano accompaniment and piano accompaniment mp3 files for you upon request.

Thank you for your support; we look forward to hearing from you!

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I was extremely nervous about ordering the music and getting it transposed. I was afraid my email would go directly to spam, but there was nothing to worry about. I got the transposed music the very next day as a pdf in my email. The person who emailed me back was super friendly and made sure I was satisfied. I will definitely be getting more music to play on my instrument.

Mostly good

The first time I tried this I asked them to transpose three songs via email and I did not get a response. Maybe my email didn't go through or went to a spam folder or something. Five months later I asked them again and they did it in two hours. So yes, this is a good service but technological difficulties can make the service inconsistent sometimes.

incredible customer suport and fast service

I asked to transpose 6 songs to flute, and they did it very quickly; I only found a little problem with one sheet (there was a very high note that was impossible to play on the flute) but customer service solved the problem really fast and the transpositions are perfect. I highly recommend this service.

Fast service great customer support

I play an awesome horn but still think Lindsey's music is awesome so I thought combining to two will make something even more awesome. Needless to say it does. The service is excellent. You normally receive the transposed music as a pdf file in your email the next day. They very accommodating toward the differences of each instruments and try their absolute best to make the customer happy. I am a repeat buyer.