*This is PIANO sheet music. 

"Original," "Advanced," AND "Easy" versions included

This sheet music was arranged by David Russell. 



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I love this piece. Its full if life and movement. It sounds the best in the advanced version, but all around beautifully arranged.

You get so much for so little!

Miss Stirling's generosity continues to surprise me every day. When you buy this, you will get not just one piece of sheet music, but three! You will receive the "Easy" version of this piece -- which is perfect for 90% of pianists, a medium version (if I'm not mistaken), and a difficult version that will be challenging, but rewarding. So should you get it? Yes! If you like Crystallize, there is an arrangement that will fit your abilities.

Perfect for beginners, perfect for veterans

As the description says, there are easy and difficult versions of this song that are included in the purchase. While the difficult one is most definitely not for beginners, the easier track is perfect for any pianist, and doesn't sound overly simplified. I wish all of Lindsey Stirling's piano songs came with two versions, because having the variety is an excellent way to appeal to all pianists. Needless to say, this was an excellent buy, and I will definitely buy again. Thanks, Ms. Stirling and Mr. Russell for this opportunity!

Great Sheet Music

Instant transfer of sheet music to my computer and I was so glad that they come in three stages. Simple, normal and advanced. This makes it much easier to learn.

This sounds amazing !

I bought this in order to play it for christmas, really sounds cool. David made a very good job, he is a very talented pianist ! 2 versions : for beginner and for advenced pianist ! Congratulation to Lindsey and David from France =D


Almost instantly I received an email with the download link. A product well worth it's money, I am very pleased with the overall product and I will definitely be buying music from this site again. This music is just beautiful and I am on my way to learning it; sounds great!!:)


If I could rate this 10 stars out of 5, I would! It's a very pretty piece of music that's challenging and fun to learn how to play. I haven't looked at the easy version, but I'm sure that version is good too! This is one of my favorite songs by Lindsey Stirling.


I have been playing the piano for quite some time and this has been a wonderful piece of music to play. I love it!