*This is Violin sheet music. 

Violin solo, Violin 2, Piano Accompaniment, simplified solo, KARAOKE Play-Along Track, and Piano Play-Along Track Included.



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Violin 2

I focus first on Violin 2 parts before 1st violin and I love how amazing chorus parts are and it gives me goosebumps when I warm up to it. If there's one thing I love about mastered any Lindsey Stirling piece's is how I love myself even more when I figure it out.

Arena karaoke track and violin sheet music

This is an impressive-sounding backing track. You feel you have the full weight of an orchestra with you as well as the electronic effects. Not a difficult piece to play and a great one to perform.

Love it all!

I love the sheet music and the kareoke backtracks for this piece, The Arena. I am so grateful Lindsey Stirling writes her own pieces and performance them workdwide and posts them online. She has spurred my desire to play the violin again and it has brought so much joy! Thank you, Lindsey for being so determined to share your music. I want to be more like you, by being more like myself, because you are truly original.

Love it

Beautiful song; not so hard - and I've played the violin for 7 years. Of all the sheet music I've bought here, this one has the best backtrack.

Beautiful music

I studied violin for 5 years during my elementary schooling. Unfortunately, I lost most of my interest afterward and I only occasionally played violin until I heard this music. It's so beautiful and I cannot wait to warm up my fingers and learn how to play it!


This probably has one of the best karaoke tracks of any of the songs on here. It sounds almost exactly like the original. I kinda wish there was a version with the long notes in the chorus playing though because it would sound cooler, but it's still great. Piano accompaniment is wonderful as well.

Great music sheet

Perfect ! Love it ! Its great to have options between beginner and advanced player music sheets ! Thanks for your kindness and generosity Lindsey !!


I've been waiting for this since the day her album came out. Nice to have sheet music with proper bowing and the back track is awesome as always. Just note that there is only one back track without some of the violin parts. When I cover this I will have to edit the back track with myself playing the 2nd violin so it sounds like the studio version.