*This is Violin sheet music. 

Violin Solo, Duet, Simplified Solo/Duet, Piano Accompaniment, KARAOKE Play-Along Track, and Piano Play-Along Track Included.



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Celtic Carol

Great fun to play at Christmas. My 10 month old grandson responded to my playing it with lots of head nodding and jumping up and down. I took this as a sign of success!

Perfect for Christmas!

I highly recommend this song! Last year I was asked to play in a Christmas service. We are a contemporary church so I wanted something with a backing track. This was so perfect. I was asked to play it again this year. This song is super fun to play. You need to be comfortable with 3rd position and in a few places it goes a little higher. But I think it sounds harder than it is - very well written! Also, it doesn't have fingerings so you'll need to figure that out yourself or ask a teacher.

Great violin music for Christmas!

We have been looking for something that is different from just the traditional Christmas music for violins. This was a challenging and fun addition to my daughters Christmas repertoire. I hope Lindsey puts together another Christmas medley as my daughter has both "Celtic Carol" and "What Child Is This." Both pieces are playable for beginning violinists. Intermediate violin students may find it somewhat challenging as well. We love her music and look forward to more.

Amazing!!! <3

This is an amazing song. This version is one of a kind and I doubt anyone can play it better than Lindsey, but it's worth a shot. Give it all you got, do your best and this song sounds close to how Lindsey plays it. I love you Lindsey <3

I finally found a challenging Christmas piece!

I downloaded this piece for the violin a couple weeks ago, and I have really been enjoying it. I have been playing almost ten years and had had trouble finding a Christmas piece for a solo violinist that was harder than a beginner or intermediate level. So far I have been very pleased. Most of the piece is in either 1st, 3rd, or 5th position, but occasionally it goes into 4th or 7th position. It is written in 12/8 time and is in A minor so there are no sharps or flats. The first page says that a dotted quarter note equals 124, so you will be able to find the correct tempo fairly easily. Overall, I think its a great piece, but I would not give it to a beginning student or one who has little experience with shifting. I hope this review was helpful. Merry Christmas!


I love that it comes with a piano accompaniment and a 2nd violin part! I'm about a level 4-5 violin player so this was just at my level! I'll be playing this for my family at Christmas, as well as my mom and cousin doing the background!


I've only been playing violin for 6 months, attempting to teach myself (inspired to play by Lindsey; she's amazing). So when I get to the very fast notes (the 16th notes) I do get stuck, but I know I just need to practice and get some help. I can't wait to learn this song, though. It's really amazing. :) Thank you, Lindsey!!


je me régale avec ces musiques bien écrite , Le play back est trés beau.