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This is Violin sheet music

This package includes sheet music for:

1. Anti Gravity

2. Crystallize

3. Electric Daisy Violin

4. Elements

5. Minimal Beat

6. Moon Trance

7. Shadows

8. Song of the Caged Bird

9. Spontaneous Me

10. Stars Align

11. Transcendence

12. Zizi's Journey

Violin solos (trios/duets), Piano Accompaniments, simplified solos, KARAOKE Play-Along Tracks, and Piano Play-Along Tracks Included.



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sheet music good - but sound quality of mp3s poor

The included mp3 files play along- and piano- tracks are only 160kbs - runs on mobile phone but not for musician ears.

Love x

Great sheet music can't wait to learn them all. I love all the stuff that comes with this package. Especially the backing tracks.


I am amazed at how much you get in this package AND the sheet music contains ALL of the slurs, accents, dynamics, etc.. - yay! (no guess work on the bowing or how it is played). The play along tracks are professionally done. If you are a violinist and a Lindsey fan, get this, you will love it!!


Love the entire collection - even though I've only learned Song of the Cage Bird so far. I plan to attempt Transcendence next. The sheet music type-up is well done, making it easy to read. Only thing missing is fingering clues for changing positions - have to figure that out yourself. The backtracks make this infinitely better than anything you will find elsewhere. Well worth the price! Think about it, for the entire album's sheet music and supporting assets, it costs less than one ticket to one of her shows!

A Pleasure To Play!

What I find frustrating about a lot of sheet music out there is that it's often in a different key than the original. Thankfully with Lindsey's music, this is not the case. It's so refreshing to know that I'm actually playing the right notes and exactly the way Lindsey herself plays it! It's very good of her to share her music with the public and playing them allows me to appreciate them so much more. Love playing these pieces on my acoustic/electric violin, especially with the backing tracks! Truly a super buy!

Thank you so much for sharing

I'm really appreciative that Lindsey has taken the step of personally sharing her music with others so they can have the opportunity to further enjoy her music by being able to read the sheet music and play along to the Karaoke tracks! I've been playing the violin for over 15 years as a amateur musician and really appreciate the raw talent Lindsey brings with her original music and performances. Now I can get to enjoy her music further by playing the music on my own violin! Looking forward to learning these songs during the holiday break on my new electric violin and amplifier. Thank you very much Lindsey for making your music available as sheet music!

Really great - thanks

It's not often that I am inspired to play my violin, but Ms. Stirling's music reached out to me and made me pick up my instrument after nearly 30 years.... I really like having the sheet music for my favorite tunes - now I can just sight-read it rather than transcribe first or try to learn it by ear. Thank you for making it so readily available! It's totally worth the money and I definitely want to help protect her copyrights as well as help her make more, so I don't mind paying for it at all. Creativity like this is hard to find. I hope to be using the karaoke soon, though at the moment my tempo is still too slow... Thanks again!

We love your music

My daughter (12) has played the violin snce she┬┤s 6 and she loves Lindsey's music. It was her greatest wish to play it and now finally she`s able to do so. Thanks so much to Lindsey for making this music available!