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*This is GUITAR sheet music. 


1. Anti Gravity

2. Crystallize (with original and tour version karaoke tracks)

3. Electric Daisy Violin

4. Elements

5. Minimal Beat

6. Moon Trance

7. Shadows

8. Song of the Caged Bird

9. Spontaneous Me

10. Stars Align

11. Transcendence

12. Zizi's Journey


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The musical stylings of Lindsey Stirling are what inspired me to learn to play an instrument to begin with, in my case the guitar. So, it came as no surprise to anybody that the first real music I tried to learn was hers. The trouble I had was that all the guitar tabs that I found online where either very watered down or just not accurate. Then one day I discovered lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com and purchased “Lindsey Stirling Signature Album - GUITAR Sheet Music Package” for what I considered to be a very reasonable price. After a simple, user friendly checkout experience, the sheet music package was immediately available for download. The sheet music comes in a PDF format making it very easy to view and print. The quality and accuracy of the notation is nothing short of amazing. Having the guitar tablature side by side with the music notation is a great learning tool. On top of that it also has the chord progression in the form of chord boxes printed along the tablature. Each song comes with a high quality mp3 format backing track that you can play over. If your passionate about both the guitar and the music of Lindsey Stirling this is the package for you.

More than you expect!

1. The Sheet Music The guitar tabs are accurate and you learn the songs note-for-note. The tabs are optimized for guitar so that the fingers stay as close to each other as possible which makes it way easier to play them. I am not sure whether I could have come up with the provided fingerings by myself so that the sheet music saves a lot of time. Every file contains a pdf data with some hints: how to play the complicated parts? Why is a section played an octave lower? On top of that, it's quite interesting to read. 2. The Karaoke Tracks The sheet music comes along with a backing track for each song. The violin is not included in the tracks so that you can substitute it with your guitar. Playing your favorite track on guitar with a professional backing track - loads of fun! Also leaves space for some improvisation. It's even fun to listen to the tracks and play the violin in your mind. 3. Conclusion I can definitely recommend this package. So much stuff for hardly any money - great! Not only do you get perfect tabs but also professional made backing tracks so that you can play to Lindsey's music (Best regards to Miss Stirling :). You will be completely satisfied with this awesome piece of work. 6 out of 5 Stars!