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*This is Violin sheet music

Violin Solos (/duets), Vocal Solos, Piano Accompaniments, Acoustic Solos, Simplified Solos, KARAOKE Play-Along Tracks, and Piano Play-Along Tracks Included.

1. Crystallize / Tour Version

2. Angels We Have Heard on High

3. Beyond the Veil

4. Electric Daisy

5. Elements

6. First Light / Tour Version

7. Gavi's Song

8. Lost Girls

9. Master of Tides / Tour Version

10. Moon Trance

11. Roundtable Rival

12. Shadows

13. Shatter Me / Tour Version

14. Shchedryk

15. Song of the Caged Bird

16. Take Flight

17. The Arena

18. The Phoenix

19. Transcendence

20. What Child Is This


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My Daughter Loves Lindsey Stirling's Music!

My daughter is a huge Lindsey Stirling fan and a violinist. When I realized I couldn't find the sheet music book with her original tracks (the ones we both love) on Amazon, I decided to check her website. To my surprise, she had her music available there! Initially, the price for just sheet music made me hesitate. But then I thought, "At least she's providing it for the next generation of musicians!" So, cost became less of a concern. Here's the real kicker: the "Best of Lindsey Stirling ULTIMATE Sheet Music Package" offered way more than just sheet music! It included simplified arrangements, concert arrangements, solo, duo, and even piano pieces. Plus, there were backing tracks for each arrangement! This package is definitely worth more than the listed price. If you're considering buying this, I highly recommend it. We're both thrilled with the purchase! My daughter was so excited, she started playing right away. We're looking forward to buying "Eye of the Untold" next, and anything else Lindsey releases. Thank you, Lindsey Stirling, for giving us the chance to not only enjoy your music through concerts and YouTube videos, but also to play along!

Excellent collection

This collection is stellar. It has all of Lindsey's best songs and they give you everything you need to feel like you place just like her. I'm not the best musician but this collection allows me to show off to family. LOL. Thanks for this!

Ultimate Package

All I can say is WOW! I just started listening to the pieces more and decided to print out Song of the Caged Bird. I went through that zip just now and WOW! Karaoke is so cool just to listen to on its own. The intricacies of it. Then the choice of lead in or not; cool. Theres the option just to have a piano accompaniment with the soloist. There is also a simplified solo version where some of the sixteen note runs are changed to eighth notes for easier playing without losing the essence of the song. What is way more exciting to me is the acoustic files!!!! Really, a 7 part looping arrangement! You know I have got to try that out!!!! How cool and so unexpected!!!!


Great product. Recommend it.


I didn't know the amount of stuff you get with this. It's not just sheet music! It's backing tracks, simplified sheet music, piano, etc. It's awesome!

Birthday Gift

So worth the purchase! My daughter was thrilled when she opened to see the sheet music to her favorite songs! Thank you so much for sharing with us

Ultimatum package -best of Lindsey Stirling

Very nice product ... Thanks