*This is Violin sheet music. 

Violin Solo, Piano Accompaniment, Simplified Solo, KARAOKE Play-Along Track, and Piano Play-Along Track Included.

Written exactly the way Lindsey performs it on her recording!  Please note that the The sheet music for “Spontaneous Me” matches that of Lindsey's original song from her album, which is longer than Lindsey’s music video of the song featured on YouTube.  If you want the sheet music to match what Lindsey plays on her video, begin playing at measure 29, cut measures 64-67, cut measures 78-79, cut from measure 86 to 94, and cut from 104 to 106.



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I am happy with my purchase!

Very Nice/Muy Bien Lindsey!!!

Me encanta la musica clasica, tengo un Stradivarius y aun asi me encanta tu estilo de musica lindsey en 3 o 4 dias completo tus canciones son muy divertidas sigue con ese carisma y excelente trabajo !!! Saludos y recomendado para Todo tipo de musicos !!! KSLL I love classical music and still love your style of music; I can have fun playing this song for several full days; so much charisma and excellent work !!! Greetings and recommended for all types of musicians !!! KSLL

What a good surprise!

Hi! Just a word to thank Lindsey for sharing her music with us. Thanks to the music sheet I could come closer to what every violinist is looking for: a nice music to play for friends and a good way to improve one's virtuosity. Even if I do not play as quick as Lindsey it is a pleasure to just take the sheet and play instead of trying to recognize the notes by earing. It is worth the money! My only concern deals with the left hand position which is not clearly indicated. Maybe, could Lindsey put the fingering she uses, when necessary. To finish, I would like to apologize for my poor english. Hope you will understand. Nothing else to say. Have fun, plying this music!

So much fun!

Like all the songs, you can have so much fun playing this song!

Редкий Бриллиант

Эта девушка редкий бриллиант. Она создаёт прекрасную музыку и для современного слушатели и для человека с музыкальным образованием) трудно найти такой баланс. А играть её произведения одно удовольствие. This girl is a rare diamond. She creates beautiful music and the modern audience and for people in music education) is difficult to find a balance. A play of her works is a pleasure.

Lindsey Stirling = Awesome

Spontaneous Me is my favorite song from Lindsey aside from Moon Trance. Had to get this sheet music and I am not disappointed. Glad there is an artist now that is this talented and gracious to share her gift in not just hearing the music, but writing it too so we all can play. Thanks Lindsey :)

Love it!!

I love this!! :)

Very Fun

The music was great. I had a lot of fun playing it with a recording of the song:)